Increased secure bike parking

Un dels aparcaments segurs de bicicletes Bicibox

More Bicibox parking places

Technical details

  • Subjects:
  • Publication date:
    April 2019
  • Status:
    En curs
  • Approval date:
    April 2019
  • Phase details:
    Implementation period: 2017-2020
  • Type / Subtype:
    Projectes FEDER
  • Municipality:
  • Budget:
    €2,733,390.00 (VAT included)
  • Promoter:
    Directorate for Sustainable Mobility Services
  • Financing:

    €1,129,500.00 (ERDF grant)

Bicibox secure bike parking

The AMB has established a metropolitan secure bike parking service called Bicibox, which complements metropolitan public transport. The Bicibox service is an enclosed parking system for private bicycles with access control and an access log for increased security and improved bike parking conditions. There is an increasing demand for this service both in municipalities in which it has already been implemented and other municipalities in which the service has yet to be installed.

Thanks to ERDF financing, the AMB will be able to install five new Bicibox stations throughout the metropolitan area. The number of places will also be increased with high-capacity collective parking systems and the transformation of facilities in metro and train station lobbies (FGC and RENFE) into secure bike parking.

The ultimate goal of the Bicibox service and the proposed expansion project is to contribute to efforts of implementing a sustainable mobility model in which bicycles play a key role. Sustainable mobility understood from an environmental perspective –reducing the pollution and noise emissions from private cars–, an economical perspective –referring to providing incentives for a more affordable form of transportation–, and a social point of view, too –creating more inhabitable cities, with less circulating and parked cars and more public space available for citizens–.

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