We Have Rights, We Weave Freedoms: The Rights of Refugees

Metropolitan programme for human rights from the local world.

Imatge d'una de les activitats del projecte
Technical details
1st edition: € 8,000 / 2nd edition: € 14,700 / 3rd edition: still not closed. This budget will not include the costs from AMB workforce and the participant city councils.
In progress


The AMB's Area for International Relations and Cooperation launches this programme with the aim of promoting knowledge and defending Human Rights from the metropolitan municipalities.

The AMB looks for complicities among city councils in order to foster critical awareness and citizens' commitment to global inequalities and conflicts for the social transformation.

This year closes a three-year cycle dedicated to the rights of refugees. In the first edition, we presented the rights of refugees with a general overview, in the second edition, the focus was set on the environmental rights of refugees and, finally, this year, the aim was to reflect on the relations between the right to water and the refugees.

During this cycle, 11 city councils have collaborated, as well as several organisations and entities of the territory (schools, high schools, youth groups, associations of the elderly and women, as well as cultural and sports entities) and we have worked closely with them, developing actions based on the critical and artistic pedagogy within the territory (games, dynamics, plastic arts, murals, choir singing, batucada and rap, among others).

Around 1,000 people have participated in each edition and 168 actions have taken place in three years.