Training in strategic planning for metropolitan areas

Aerial view of the Guatemala City metropolitan area
Training on strategic planning and metropolitan areas for technical staff in Iberian-American cities
Technical details
Metropolitan Area of de Barcelona
Centro Iberoamericano de Desarrollo Estratégico Urbano (CIDEU)
2014-2015: 30.000€; 2016-2017: 30.000€
  • 2014-2015: 20.000€ (AMB), 10.000€ (CIDEU); 2016-2017: 20.000€ (AMB), 10.000€ (CIDEU)

In progress


The project's aim is to provide the technical personnel of municipalities in Central and South America with greater access to specialised training. To this end, the project has included the design and carrying out of training activities in the areas of strategic planning and analysis of possible projects from a range of perspectives: land use, economic development, transport connectivity and roads, environmental protection, water utility services, energy, sewer systems, cultural services and waste collection and treatment.
Bringing to bear the expertise and experience of metropolitan entities in joint management involving groups of municipalities, the project stresses the importance of municipal governance and accessible local public administration. In addition, the project's activities help local governments act more efficiently and transparently to meet the demands of citizens of the region for improved quality of life.

These training activities are designed to foster respect and encourage the effective exercise of economic, social and cultural rights in metropolitan urban areas.

Project periods:
09/09/2014 – 31/12/2015
27/07/2016 – 30/08/2017
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