Supporting mobility in Chefchaouen

One of the buses gifted.
Urban transport for the Chefchaouen Urban Commune.
Technical details
Barcelona Metropolitan Area; Chefchaouen Urban Commune; TUSGSAL (Urban transport and General Services, employee-owned company)
Action area:
Mobility and Transport
12.000,00 €
  • AMB: 6.000,00€; Chefchaouen Urban Commune: €6,000.00

In progress


The project strategy has consisted of staff from AMB Cooperation and Mobility offering support and technical advice, both at the diagnosis and viability stages of the project and during a stay in Barcelona, to three municipal officers from Chefchaouen so that they can receive training in the technical characteristics of vehicles and maintenance protocols. Furthermore, rolling stock of eight disused standard service buses from the metropolitan transport company TUSGSAL have been gifted to the Chefchaouen Urban Commune (three vehicles delivered in December 2015 and the remaining five in July 2016).

The main goals of the project are:
  • Increased connectivity between neighbourhoods through regular services on three lines.
  • Improved accessibility to major business centres of the city (market and Medina) and the administrative area.
  • Greater mobility for the population residing in peri-urban areas so they can access the city centre, especially on the weekly market day.
The sustainability of the transport network of the Chefchaouen Urban Commune guarantees the economic, labour and social rights of the population.