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Sub>urban. Reinventing the fringe
Technical details
Leader: Anvers 

Partners first phase: AMB; Vienna; Düsseldorf; Solin (Croatia); Casoria (Province of Naples)
Partners second phase: Sttutgart; Oslo; Brno (Czech Republic); Baie Mare (Romania)
Action area:
Sustainable urban development
600.000,00 €
  • AMB Budget: 77.910,00 € (70% financed by European Funds)

In progress


The Sub>urban project facilitates regional cooperation between cities through the exchange of knowledge and best practices in sustainable urban development. Its mission is to enable cities to work together to develop solutions to address the most common urban problems, create networks for exchange, learn from others' experiences, lessons learned, best practices and improve public policies. The aim is to promote sustainable integrated development and improve the effectiveness of regional policy and cohesion.

The theme of the project links cities and urban regions seeking to accommodate a growing population by increasing the density within the borders of the city as opposed to expanding urban areas. The aim is to develop a strategy for growth through urban redevelopment, discover new planning practices, processes, tools and partnerships. The project allows different cities with similar challenges to develop a local action plan that is enriched by research, projects and solutions from other cities in the network.
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