Strengthening Ressoc in Managua

Three women participating in Ressoc in Managua
Strengthening the management of solid urban waste: sustainability of infrastructure and cooperatives created in districts V, VI and VII of Managua, in the framework of the RESSOC project.
Technical details
Metropolitan area of Barcelona
Mayor's Office of Managua
122.898,80€ (2014) 69.170,00€ (2015)
  • 2014: 90.278,56 (AMB), 32.620,24 (ALMA); 2015: 52.500,00 (AMB), 16.670,00 (ALMA)



The goals of the project, carried out in three districts of the city of Managua (district V, VI and VII) are:
  • To contribute to the economic and social betterment of families who work and sometimes live in landfills, as well as families who do work harvesting and marketing waste in an unsanitary, irregular and precarious way.
  • To promote equal opportunities for men and women while promoting social and workplace integration aimed at women who are heads of their family.
The project has three key working areas:
  • Cooperatives of pepenadores (collectors): 4 cooperatives linked to the Union of Cooperatives of Managua. The cooperatives of the pepenadores go house to house (and companies, etc.) collecting waste and delivering it to the waste processing plants operated by the city council (through an agreement with the Mayor's Office).
  • Cooperative recycling plant: woodwork. Sales kiosks have been built.
  • Urban gardening and composting: currently devoted to composting.