Reforçant el treball en xarxa i de gestió de les àrees protegides de la Mediterrània per a una millor conservació i protecció natural


The goal of PANACeA is to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and natural resources by encouraging a networked approach to these issues and by improving the management protected areas, all via measures that foster communication among stakeholders and ensure results that will last beyond the life of the project.
The project will play a part in the creation of a channel for bi-directional communication with the scientific community that will ensure more effective interaction between scientists and politicians on issues related to the protection of biodiversity and sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

AMB's role in the project falls within the framework of its responsibilities as Secretary General of MedCities and consists of promoting the participation of Mediterranean stakeholders from a range of sectors in order to give rise to synergies between projects and to contribute to the communication and capitalisation on results.