LIFE UrbanGreeningPlans

Imatge del projecte
Designing innovative mechanisms to plan, implement, strengthen and organise green infrastructures in (peri)urban areas.
Technical details
Total budget of the project: €999,628 / AMB budget: €146,125
  • 60 % cofunding

    60 % cofunding
In progress


LIFE UrbanGreeningPlans is a project of preparatory actions cofunded through LIFE programme. The consortium is formed by 7 entities from 6 member states (Belgium, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Sapin and Italy).

The main target of LIFE UrbanGreeningPlans is to allow local political authorities and green areas managers to design and implement innovative mechanisms to grow the global presence of biodiversity in their territories, so as to contribute to the new UE strategy to fight agaisnt climate change, the 2013 UE strategy on green infraestructures and the 2013 UE forestry strategy, among others.
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