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International cooperation in the areas of technological innovation and in social practices connected to sustainable housing in an urban setting.
Technical details
Leader: Toulouse Metropole- Directorate for housing and zoning policy 

Partners: Univeristy of Toulouse; the Southwest Federation for Housing and Public Works of the workers' production cooperatives; Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC, Barcelona Tech); ASCAMM FoundationG.A.I.A. (Association for the Generation of Autonomy and Innovation in Architecture)
Action area:
Sustainable urban development
1.257.080,00 €
  • AMB Budget: 942.810,00 € (75% financed by European Funds)

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Ecohabitat is an outgrowth of the INTERREG IV B SUDOE transnational cooperation programme, whose aim is to help the Southwest of Europe consolidate its role as a locus of territorial cooperation in the areas of economic competitiveness and innovation, the environment, sustainable development and land use planning.

Ecohabitat addresses problems like sustainable development in construction and housing uses in urban areas, with a special focus on social housing. Part of the project consists of applying case studies from the regions of Midi-Pyrénées and Catalonia, in conjunction with Lisbon, to determine whether current European and national technical norms and regulations are a good fit with the cultural specificities and climate conditions in Southwestern Europe.

The Ecohabitat project will act via public social housing programmes with the aims of fostering greater inter-professional and transnational cooperation, allowing for the implementation of new building methods and playing a role in improving the quality of urban housing in Southwestern Europe.