Participants in the BINGO  project at the meeting in Bergen
Bringing Innovation to onGOing water management – A better future under climate change


BINGO project

The aim of the BINGO project is to propose possible responses to extreme climate situations that might result from climate change, including periods of drought, a lack of water resources and severe flooding, and to offer solutions that allow cities to adapt to these situations as well as possible.

Badalona is among the six pilot cities where the project will be carried out. The working group involved is made up of the AMB (acting as a member of the Water Cycle Services Directorate), the Badalona city council and the companies Aigües de Barcelona and Aqualogy. The first simulations have already been carried out for the purposes of calculating the effects of severe flooding and rising water levels that might occur as a result of climate change, all with an eye toward observing the potential effects on the environment and presenting solutions. The next round of actions will take into account the results to be obtained through a series of studies planned through 2024.

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