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Strategic planning and multilevel governance for a resilient metropolitan area.
Technical details
Leader: Medcities, ES

Partners: Ajuntament de Tunis, TN
Metropolis, ES
Action area:
Mediterranean-Maghreb . Tunisia
Waste cycle, Sustainable urban development, Governance, Environmental sustainability
2.684.785,54 €
  • AMB budget: 324.423€ (95% cofinanced)

    AMB budget: 324.423€ (95% cofinanced)
In progress


ASIMA TUNIS is a project coordinated by the MedCities network, in partnership with the Municipality of Tunis, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and Metropolis, as part of the European Commission's program Local Authorities: Partnerships for Sustainable Cities (EuropeAid). It seeks to contribute to the localization and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13 and SDG 17), strengthening the capacities of the Tunis Municipality through the creation of long term partnerships between the city of Tunis and other members of the MedCities and Metropolis networks, as well as those of other Tunisian municipalities, towards an improved sustainable urban waste management and multilevel governance.
The projects specific objectives are:
  • To strengthen multilevel governance in the city of Tunis through the articulation of metropolitan actors that revolve around a common city strategy
  • To increase the resilience of the city of Tunis in face of metropolitan waste management challenges through experimental interventions that emanate from strategic planning
  • To promote partnerships for increased project impact and its contribution to national urban policy and regional and global urban sustainable development initiatives.
As a partner in the project, AMB will offer key experiences and knowledge related to waste management and strategic planning to allow for the strategic deliberation necessary in defining the city of Tunis' metropolitan model of governance and projects for the improvement of its waste management capacities. 

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