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| Subject: Sustainable Mobility, International Relations

The AMB initiative is the winner of the SMART-MR project best practice vote

AMB's T-green was selected as the best practice promoting the use of public transport, among all those presented in the sixth workshop of the European Union's SMART-MR project celebrated in Budapest between 11th and 13th June. T-green, conceived with the goal to reduce pollution, has already over 1.750 users, who have done over 140.000 trips times for free using the public transport system, after getting rid of their pollutant vehicles.

Sixth workshop of the SMART-MR project

Transport management was the central subject of the workshop, where eight European metropolitan areas took part. Participants tested Budapest's public transport system, and discussed transport policy, new technologies, and new challenges such as demand-driven public transport.

SMART-MR promotes cooperation among metropolitan areas and supports urban transport policy and low-carbon transport.

70% of Europe's population is currently living in cities or in urban areas, which will grow by 80% in the upcoming years. In lack of proper measures, this increase can make the environmental burden of the motorised transport worse, resulting in real health risks.

Ten institutions of the eight metropolitan regions, such as Barcelona, Budapest, Goteborg, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Oslo, Porto and Rome are part of the SMART-MR project, and share their experiences about transport and mobility planning. In the framework of seven thematically-related workshops, the participants collect best practices, organise professional visits, present and discuss their experiences and draft policy recommendations. Through these outputs, as well as dissemination events, SMART-MR contributes to Europe 2020 goals, Cohesion Policy, and the Interreg Europe Programme. 


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