SMART-MR in Rome


| Subject: Mobility and Transport, International Relations

The creation of a sustainable regional mobility plan – the centrepiece of this second workshop

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On 21 and 22 March, the Palazzo Valentini in Rome hosted the second workshop on the sustainable mobility project SMART-MR which was attended by all the member cities: Ljubljana (the leader), Oslo-Akershus, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Budapest, Rome, Porto and AMB, as well as representatives of Barcelona City Council and the the Metropolitan Transport Authority, who were welcomed by Fabio Fucci, Deputy Mayor of Rome.

The workshop covered various areas in the creation of a sustainable mobility plan (legislation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation), and led to an exchange of experiences, a discussion of best practices and the identification of innovative solutions to improve mobility planning in complex areas like metropolitan regions.

The participants also made a study visit to the Tiburtina railway station, a major interchange hub in Rome's transport system, which was organised with other partners in the project, including Trenitalia, RFI and ATAC.

The project, funded by the Interreg Europa programme, supports local authorities in improving transport policy and provides sustainable measures for low-emission mobility which enables citizens to enjoy a good quality of life.


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