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The project has allowed an exchange of knowledge between large cities and European metropolitan areas

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AMB presented the T-verda card as a good practice initiative at the closing ceremony of the MEANING project held on 12 and 13 September 2018 in the city of Zagreb. During this event, several cities have shared their experiences about good practices and have explained their projects on sustainable urban mobility.

The MEANING project (Metropolitan Europeans in Active Network, Inducing Novelties in Governance), financed by the European Europe for Citizens program, has allowed the exchange of knowledge between a group of large European cities and metropolitan areas. This, in turn, has built a network around the metropolitan phenomenon, the city's attractiveness policies and the management of the structural and investment funds of the European Union. The MEANING project has meant a good opportunity for the AMB to assert the agreement for the FEDER Program management (AMB-Generalitat de Catalunya) for metropolitan projects.

Milan has led the project, in partnership with the Metropolitan Area of Porto, the Metropolitan City of Bari, the AMB, Riga, the Metropolitan Area of Gdańsk, Zagreb and the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA).

Five international meetings had previously been held within this project: Milan (February 2017), Porto (June 2017), Brussels (October 2017), Gdańsk (November 2017) and Barcelona (April 2018).

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