Capçalera setmebre 2016
Ciutats defensores dels drets humans
Cities Defending Human Rights
AMB participates in the project, making it possible for nine international activists to share their work
Further news
Mohamed Mokni, alcalde de Sousse, es dirigeix als assistents a les jornades
Development of the Mediterranean Bassin
MedCities contributes to the conferences of the Mediterranean Commission of the CGLU in Tunisia
Participants of the first SMART-MR workshop in Ljubljana
First SMART-MR Workshop
Participatory planning of transport has been the core area of this workshop with AMB participation
The MEANING purpose is to shorten the distance between citizens and the EU
The EU approves the MEANING project
The purpose is to reduce the distance between citizens and the EU at a time of European political and social crisis.
Participants a l'URBACT Summer University 2016
Urbact Summer University #USU2016
The AMB contributed its experience in complex urban management projects to #USU2016
Resultats conveni entre la MTFRL i l'AMB
Results of the agreement between the MTFRL and the AMB
More than 1,300 families from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador improve their health through the "Shared Waters" program