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Information generated at the sessions, seminars, and conferences organized by the AMB Department of International Affairs and Cooperation.

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Related documentation
  • 08.07.2016 International Strategies of Major Cities
    Conference on the International Strategies of Major Cities The conference was a chance to learn about and discuss the strategies employed by cities to find their place in the global agenda. It also served as preparatory work ahead of the UN Habitat III Summit on Housing and Urban Development, which shall be held in Quito (Ecuador) in October 2016.


    Opinions sobre la internacionalització de les ciutats:

    Interviews (Alfred Bosch, Maria Luisa Zapata, Eugene Zapata, Jan Erasmus, Gianluca Galletto, Jacint Jordana)

    Emissió completa de la jornada:

    Vídeo 1
    Vídeo 2
    Vídeo 3

    Seminar report