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Collaborating institutions

Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament (ACCD)

The Catalan Development Cooperation Agency (ACCD) is a public-law entity ascribed to the Catalan Government Department of Presidency through the Secretariat for Foreign Affairs and for the European Union, and is in charge of implementing and managing the Catalan government's development cooperation policy.

Among the principles of action contained in the AMB Master Plan for Cooperation is the conciliation, coordination, and complementation of actions among the different metropolitan, Catalan cooperation actors and within the international donors' community.

The aim of this Agreement is to establish a general collaboration framework between the ACCD, AMB and TMB so as to promote a space for conciliation that identifies the stakeholders' added value and come up with concrete action in the field of coordination among the three institutions in the sphere of development, education for development and humanitarian action and the links that may be established between these three strategic lines.

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Barcelona City Council

The signing of a framework collaboration agreement between the Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area on 25th November 2014 to work jointly and in coordination on cooperation projects in the Mediterranean is framed within the Strategic management objective 2 set out in the 2013-2016 Cooperation master plan of the AMB. This plan determines the promotion of a joint cooperation model among the different metropolitan actors, with a special emphasis placed on municipalities, in coordination with all other Catalan and international agents engaged in development cooperation.

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Barcelona City Council

CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs)

The CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) is a centre of research, teaching, documentation and dissemination of international relations and development.

The most important works in which the CIDOB has collaborated with the AMB are the preparation of master plans for metropolitan cooperation for the periods 2007-2010 and 2013-2016, and the technical support for the evaluation and selection of cooperation projects at the AMB, which is a member of its board.

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Agreement "Ciutats globals, solucions locals" (cat)

FCCD (Catalan Development Cooperation Fund)

The FCCD (Catalan Development Cooperation Fund) is an organisation formed by Catalan town councils and other municipal organisations (councils, regional councils and associations of municipalities), which spend part of their budget to fund activities of development cooperation and initiatives of solidarity with people of the most disadvantaged countries.

The AMB, as a supra-municipal body, is also associated with the FCCD. The collaboration between both institutions through the signing of successive agreements has resulted in technical assistance in the selection process of municipal cooperation projects, concerning to the management of their monitoring and evaluation.

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TMB (Metropolitan Transports of Barcelona)

TMB is the common name of the metro company (Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona, SA) and the bus company (Transports de Barcelona, SA) belonging to the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB).

As a leading operator of public transport in the metropolitan network, the TMB offers two regular transportation network (the bus as a surface transportation and the metro as an underground one), as well as several leisure transportation services.

As part of the partnership agreement signed in 2009 between the TMB and the AMB, the interaction between both entities has resulted in numerous international cooperation actions, with the contribution of disused vehicles owned by theTMB as donations to mobility projects of community interest in cities of developing countries, specially in Central America, the Caribbean, Maghreb, and Western and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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