Final evaluation of projects implemented in Morocco


| Subject: International Relations

The results reflect future options as a priority zone country

The report 'Evaluation of completed projects and identification of potential areas for the AMB's cooperation in Morocco' is now available.

This report has been prepared on the basis of methodological preparatory work and field missions undertaken by technical experts during March 2015.

The report responds to a variety of needs and motivations regarding metropolitan cooperation, focused on evaluating the implementation of projects within a given geographical area.

The objective is to identify the degree to which results are achieved and the joint ownership and coherence across activities.

The projects evaluated were:
  1. Design of a strategy for sustainable tourism and to revitalise the economy of the province of Figuig as a local development strategy, managed by the NGOD Món3.
  2. Promotion of human rights for women, support for the process of socio-economic empowerment and strengthening the capacities of associations in the urban and rural areas of Tetouan, M'diq and Chefchauen, managed by the NGOD Entrepobles.
  3. Strengthening human and institutional skills for sustainable management of urban waste in Morocco, managed by the CIREM Foundation.
  4. Donation of two buses by TMB to the Hanan Association of Tetouan, requested via the Montcada i Reixac Town Council.
This project forms part of the implementation of the AMB's 2013-16 Cooperation master plan. It should be noted that the report, along with the practical data provided, forms part of a source of knowledge and reference guide for the future management of metropolitan cooperation in Morocco.

This initiative will continue under the same line of work, with further studies in West Africa and Central America/the Caribbean, the other priority geographical areas for metropolitan cooperation.

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