BLUEfasma Project


| Subject: Circular Economy, International Relations

The project supports the growth of blue and circular economy

Project presentation

On 18 and 19 February 2020, MedCities and the AMB's Economic Development Agency took part in the kickoff meeting of the BLUEfasma Project, which was held in the Greek city of Patras and involved 13 consortium members.

The aim of BLUEfasma is to empower the innovation capacity of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), maritime clusters and networks in Mediterranean islands and coastal areas to support blue circular economy growth in the fishing and aquaculture industry.

The project is due to last from November 2019 to June 2022. The University of Patras is the project leader, while MedCities will take part as partner and the AMB, as associate partner.

Industrial symbiosis and the circular economy in the blue economy

For the AMB, this project will be a useful tool for improving the city of Barcelona's industrial symbiosis and circular economy with a blue economy approach.

On a metropolitan level, the focus will be on analysing the extent to which SMEs operate in accordance with the circular economy, mapping the territory and introducing the political and technical recommendations developed as a result of this project. The AMB will therefore be actively involved in the project's activities, capitalising on the transfer of knowledge and heightened transnational cooperation. AMB technicians will form part of the BLUEfasma e-network; they will take part in various training and capitalisation activities, work to develop recommendations and help to bring about a shift in policy, with a view to helping the fishing/aquaculture industry adapt to the circular economy.

One of the project's key elements is testing the usefulness of the circular economy index and the Blue Living Lab with regards to innovation and circular economy financing. In the metropolitan area, the focus of these activities will be on the various phases of the fishing industry value chain, particularly those involving distribution, marketing and by-products.

The BLUEfasma Project falls under axis 1 of the Interreg MED Programme: promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth. It will cover 10 other Mediterranean territories, in which work will revolve around different links in the fishing and aquaculture value chain.

MedCities will work alongside the AMB on all aspects and lead the capitalisation process, in addition to transferring the developed instruments through the network.