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AMB Abroad
October 2018
Capçalera internacional butlletí
EMA 2018
EMA 2018
New 30.10.18
Participation in the European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA) Forum in Rome
Missió d'ISWMF al Líban
ISWMF project mission to Lebanon
New 31.10.18
The project promotes strategic planning of waste collection and treatment in Al Fayhaa Urban Community
Reciclatge d'armilles salvavides
Recycling of life jackets
New 26.10.18
Trip to Lesbos to follow up on this cooperation project
La Mitja Lluna Roja Kurda visita l'AMB
AMB receives a delegation from the Kurdish Red Crescent
New 26.10.18
The purpose of this visit was to strengthen the relations
7th SMART-MR workshop
New 24.10.18
The AMB sharing policies of mobility raise interest in the meeting in Oporto
Network of European metropolises
Mediterranean cities
World Association of the Major Metropolises